About Bones

Bones is about having fun and competing with others

Bones is a game where you compete for high scores. Successfully get five bones in a row or column to have your score entered for daily, weekly and/or monthly contests, depending on your local media company. The leaderboard within the game will show you weather your provider is offering prizes. You can play the game without registering, but you must be registered to compete for highscores.

Throughout the game you will click on one of the 25 tile positions on the game board and then find the hidden bone on a merchant's promotional image. That bone will be returned to the game board and the 25 tiles will all be randomly shuffled into new positions. It is the arrangement of bones that determines what happens on each level. See the rules page to learn the details of how points are awarded. Watch for special merchant coupons as you search the merchant pages. If you select one of these coupons we will deliver it to you by email.

As you learn to play the game, you will develop your own strategy about how to maximize your points. On each level you decide how many bones to collect before advancing to the next level, and you also decide whether it is better to shuffle the board or to find another bone on that same level. Each shuffle costs 20 points, but may give you more matches and more points. Watch out for Gnarly! If you get too many bones together on any level, he will take away half of your points and some of your bones too.

As you play, compare your scores to the winning scores of previous periods. You can quickly learn to become competitive on the leaderboard.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can participate in BONES. We can train your sales staff and add BONES to your website within 14 days at no cost to you.

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