Advertising Guidlines

Merchant advertising must follow these guidelines:

  • Your online message can be an image(s) of your website or Facebook page, or it can be a special purpose brochure with one or more pages. For purposes of game play, we will be transforming your website into a PNG or JPEG image with overlaid hot links, rather than presenting it as HTML code to a browser. Many websites have links to other things, such as your own privacy policy or search functions, which are not likely to be used by someone playing the BONES game. For maximum advertising impact, these should be omitted from your online message in BONES. An easy place to start is with your existing home page, and note where you want the links to be removed.

  • You can change your message as often as you like and BONES will put the new message into the very next game played. Just submit to your host radio station the image you want included and tell them where you would like bones to be placed on those pages for maximum impact.

  • The bones should be hidden in the most important parts of your message so players won't miss the point you are making. Put as many bones into your message as you want. Only one bone will appear each time the message is seen, so players can be exposed directly to multiple places on the page, or to a secondary page which sits behind the first.

  • Be creative or consider any promotional material you may already have. You don't have to coordinate with a web master to place your new advertising images into the game.

  • Consider splitting your budget into two positions within the BONES game. These could contain different messages and can be targeted separately to different demographics.

Contact your local media company today to learn more about how you advertise in the BONES game, or contact us and we can refer you to your nearest participating station.

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