Custom Merchant Coupons

  • The BONES game provides a coupon delivery system for you as a part of your presence in the game. You can submit from 1 to 5 coupons and BONES will automatically cycle through those as they are requested. Simply prepare images of your coupons in PNG or JPEG format at 512x256 pixels.

  • When you have a coupon available within BONES, it will be offered to the players as they finish the game. When your coupon is then selected by the player, we will immediately send that to him/her by email for a low, flat-rate charge to the merchant.

  • Players using mobile devices can simply show the coupon to your staff. Players using a PC or MAC can print the coupon and bring it to your location. Please include a coupon code on the coupon image so your staff can note where the coupon came from. This will help you track the rate of coupon redemption.

Contact your local media company today to learn more about how you advertise in the BONES game, or contact us and we can refer you to your nearest participating station.

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