Official Rules

Disclaimer: Caflo USA, Inc. is the sole provider of The Bones Game. Neither Apple, Inc. nor any other company is involved as a sponsor or in the operation of the game in any manner. Advertising content is the sole responsibility of the advertiser and the host radio station or website. While Caflo may assist radio stations in the administering of prizes, the prizes themselves are the responsibility of the host radio station or website. Caflo does not offer any prizes.

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age to play the Bones game. Your sponsoring station may require identification and proof of ownership of the email account you use to register.

  2. Complete 5 levels of play to have your score automatically entered for your station's contests, which may be daily, weekly and/or monthly, depending on your local station. (You may play the game without registering, but must be registered to win)

  3. Click on a tile to go to a corresponding merchant page where you must find and click on a bone to return the bone to the game board.

  4. With each new bone found, the board will randomly shuffle all tiles and bones into new positions.

  5. Points are scored for each bone found, but decrease in value with each level. You can get bones earlier for more points, but this increases the risk of busting on that level.

  6. Points are scored for groups of bones equal to the number for that level. But don't get too many in a group on that level or you will bust and Gnarly will take half your points away and some of your bones.

  7. For level 1 you score points for single bones, but bust if there are any adjacent bones vertically or horizontally (a "group").

  8. For level 2 you score points for pairs of bones, but bust with 3 or more in a group.

  9. For level 3 you score points for groups of 3 bones, but bust with 4 or more in group. Busting on this level will also remove one bone from the board.

  10. For level 4 you score points for groups of 4 bones, but bust with 5 or more in a group. Busting on this level will also remove two bones from the board.

  11. For level 5 you score points for groups of 5 bones, but bust with a diagonal group of 5. Busting on this level will also remove three bones from the board.

  12. Whenever you have met the minimum of one group of bones for a level, you may save and advance to the next level. A button will light up to indicate this.

  13. The SHUFFLE button appears on each level when adding more bones may be very risky. Shuffling will cost 20 points but may give you additional points on that level, or it may cause you to bust.

  14. Greedy? Getting too many bones in a group on any level will cost you half your points. If your score becomes negative from shuffling and busting too many times, the game may end and you will have to start over.

  15. Watch for special coupons from the merchants as you play. If you select a coupon, it will be delivered to the email address associated with your username.

  16. Winners are notified by email and prizes will be distributed directly by your sponsoring station. Some winners may be announced live on the air. Winners of prizes valued at more than $600 must provide their sponsoring station with their Social Security number to comply with IRS reporting rules.

  17. Click the button on the game board below your score to see how your points compare to the previous daily, weekly and monthly winners. Current period scores are not displayed.

  18. In case of a tie score for any period, the winner will be the player with the earlier time stamp.

  19. There is a limit of 10 days to appeal an award. Let us know if you think we have made a mistake.

  20. By playing the game, the users accept all the playing rules listed here and agree that Caflo USA, Inc. may interpret these rules according to the intent with which they were written.

  21. The decisions of Caflo USA, Inc. will be final in determining any awards.

Bones Scoring System

Level Pts per Bone Pts per Match # of Bones at Shuffle Cost per Shuffle
1 50 N/A 3 20
2 40 40 6 20
3 30 60 8 20
4 20 80 10 20
5 10 100 12 20