How Bones Works for Your Station

Here are the key points:

  • You promote the BONES game on the air by announcing the weekly and monthly prizes.

  • The advertisers in the BONES game are YOUR customers and the players are YOUR listeners. It is all local to you and your market.

  • Players will go to your website to play the game. This drives traffic to your site and adds value to everything else you place on your site.

  • Your sales people will have an additional product to sell along with air time. Merchants who are not yet ready to be on the air will find BONES to be a great way to start doing business with you. Your sales people may never again leave a prospect without closing an order for something.

  • There is no up-front charge to add BONES to your website. Your only risk is to drive enough listeners to the game to cover the prizes. Your customers will pay you up front for the exposure they want in the BONES game and we will bill you monthly for the actual impressions and clicks BONES generates for them.

  • You can offer campaigns of any size or duration. BONES manages impressions and clicks automatically to stay within your customer's budget. Start date and end date are also managed automatically. The local playhouse may want to be in the game for their entire season with a recurring monthly budget, or a craft show on the town square may want to participate for just two weeks prior to the show, with a specific single budget amount. BONES makes that easy.

  • We give you online tools to manage your customers within BONES. You can easily set up new accounts, change the actual online ads, add or change bone positions within their ads, and change budgets or campaign dates, all by using the tools.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can participate in BONES. We can train your sales staff and add BONES to your website within 14 days at no cost to you.

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