Merchant Economics

  • BONES provides the lowest cost of any online advertising.

    • $0.03 to appear in a single game ($1.50 CPM vs typical costs of $15.00 CPM)

    • $0.25 per click, vs internet average of $1.24

    • $1.00 per coupon delivered directly to the player by email

    • $500 per month delivers 54,000 logo impressions and 1,650 clicks each month

    • BONES automatically manages your campaign within your budget

  • BONES is 100 times more effective that Banner Ads.

    • 60% click-through to your message in every game, and every click is intentional (Nationwide, 90% of clicks on banner ads are accidental)

    • The bones are hidden in the most important parts of your message so players won't miss the point you are making

    • Your online message can be an image of your website or Facebook page, or it can be a special brochure. You can change the message as often as you like and BONES will put the new message into the very next game played.

    • Put as many bones in your message as you want. Only one bone will appear each time the message is seen, so players can be exposed directly to multiple places on the page.

    • BONES lets you do real demographic targeting. We collect demographic information about each player when he/she registers for the game. We match those demographics with the profile you want, and we deliver your message to the right players as the game is being played. Why deliver a beauty salon ad to a male or a Jaguar ad to a 25 year old with a household income of $25,000? BONES will manage this automatically.

    • You can run campaigns of any size or duration. Start date and end date are managed automatically. A local playhouse may want to be in the game for their entire season with a recurring monthly budget, or a craft show on the town square may want to participate for just two weeks prior to the show, with a specific single budget amount. BONES makes that easy.

Contact your local radio station today to learn more about how you advertise in the BONES game, or contact us and we can refer you to your nearest participating station.

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