Expand Your Business with Bones™

Find out why Merchants like you are calling BONES...
   "The most creative product ever brought to me by a radio station"

You may think that advertising on the Internet means placing banner ads, or trying to generate traffic to your own website or Facebook page through search engines. Why wait for someone to stumble onto your business with a search engine when you can reach out to them directly with BONES?

The BONES game combines the tremendous reach of Radio with an interactive game that repeatedly engages players with your most important messages. Interactivity is the key, and it is what the Internet does best. Whether you are already a buyer of air time to promote your business or not, the large, local radio audience will bring people to your business through the BONES game.

To play BONES a listener will follow the story line of helping Sparky find bones that are hidden in key places in your online message. Sparky will bring those bones back to the game board where they will randomly shuffle with each new bone found. Create the right patterns for each of 5 levels and you can advance to save your high score and compete for the prizes. But if you get too greedy and push your luck too far, Gnarly will come and take away half of your points and some of your bones.

Your local radio station offers large weekly and monthly cash prizes, on the air, to drive their listeners to play the BONES game through smartphones, tablets or PCs. Once in the game, players become engrossed in developing their own strategy to score high and win the prizes. Players learn how to balance risk with reward in an environment where taking risk can give a very high score, but where becoming greedy can be very costly. And since BONES is only played against players in the local broadcast area of your station, everyone has a good chance of winning. As they play the game, they will repeatedly be exposed to your logo and your advertising messages.

Contact your local radio station today to learn more about how you advertise in the BONES game, or contact us and we can refer you to your nearest participating station.

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