Are you getting your fair share?

"With a digital revenue increase of 15% in 2013, radio is poised to grow 22% this year -- surpassing the half-billion mark in digital advertising for the first time. The average station had $166,000 of digital revenue in 2013. Some large-market stations are making millions. Average digital revenue for four-station clusters is approaching three-quarters of a million dollars." -- Borrell Associates.

"Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are planning 1/3 of their advertising spend going to digital this year. SMBs believe they need more social and mobile." -- Rick Ducey, Managing Editor of BIA/Kelsey

Others stations are selling banner ads, but you already know that banner ads are a nuisance. Nobody comes to your website to see those ads and the statistics show that more than 90% of clicks on those ads are accidental.

BONES is an entirely new way to deliver value to your advertisers and it is many times more effective than banner ads. BONES is the perfect way to combine Radio or Print media and digital to provide real value to your customers. Find out why merchants are saying that BONES is the most creative advertising product they have seen.

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